Giovanni Fameli's bio

I spent 20 year in fashion business as sales manager for Italian and foreign companies such as Gruppo Benetton, Lotto shoes, No Fear Europe, Tiger of Sweden. I had the great opportunity to travel to many parts of the world and I’ve always strived to do it with the attitude of not wanting to be recognized as a foreigner! I pretended to be a local.
Longer than this are my passion for cultivating human relations, for travelling for pleasure and, importantly, for golf.
Those passions combined have led me to the idea of hosting golfers (and non-golfers of course) with the mission of making people’s life easy, extremely enjoyable and serene during their holidays.
I have a natural inclination for welcoming people and I wish to grant my guests warm hospitality, always seeking a touch of Italianness in accommodation, food and visits to this country’s bountiful history and art.

Catch the atmosphere you will find...

More about me

What I am

- an independent entrepreneur wishing to develop long lasting relations with his clients, whom he hopes to call “friends” by the end of their vacation
- a keen golf player, but not a fanatic
- a self-employed operator dedicated to golf tourism in Italy
- your golf guardian, who will take very good care of you (read spoil you!) during your stay
- a person brimming with ideas and attention to detail
- someone who finds satisfaction and draws pleasure from making others’ wishes possible be they a game of golf, a good and simple Italian lunch or dinner, a wine tasting, the enjoyment of a wonderful landscape, of a work of art or architectural masterpiece
- someone wishing to offer you a made-to-measure service with my constant, but discrete, assistance and to make you feel and live like an Italian

What I am not

- a golf tour operator
- a golf Pro
- part of a bigger organization
- part of a tourism industry circuit
- someone aiming to pack a bunch of golf tourists into a 52-seat coach with inflexible programming of your holiday

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